Lockdown is the Best Time to Discover Yourself…!!

Lockdown is the Best Time to discover yourself

Lockdown is the Best Time to Discover Yourself

Yes, it is the best time to discover yourself but here the most important question arises that how?

I would like to reply you honestly,  in Silence situation with relaxation and focus & concentration, ask these questions to yourself.

Ques. 1 Who am I?
Ques. 2 What do I want from my life?
Ques. 3 Why don’t I have which I want?

I have written an article in Hindi about ‘Truth‘ in which I have told that Everyone has their own truth, which differs from individual to individual.

I would like to request you please invest it (Time) for your Discovery and ask these three questions to yourselves with honesty and sink within their soul. And I think Lockdown is the best time to discover yourself.

Around the age of 14, mostly students get very confused related to their career. Even though Many number of them don’t know ‘What do they Want?’ ‘What do they want to be in their Coming Future?’ And many number of students change their goal as change as their clothes they wear. Many Students face depression, tension, anxiety, fear and commit suicide.

Not only students even also some elders (Like businessman, professional, employee, housewife, parents,) do not know their real potential and they also get busy in their work and think everything is fine in their life.

But I think they should take a brake, they must take out some time to discover ourselves with relaxation, consciously and sub-consciously ask themselves, ‘Who am I?‘ After finding the answer of this question than again one more question should be come in their mind,’ What do I want in my life?’ Than After at last ask to yourself with honesty ‘Why don’t I have which I want?’ Means, Where is the Gap?’ At thirt stage think again and again, argue with your thoughts, and don’t lie with yourself because your subconscious mind is your best friend and he has enough power to give answers.

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Again and again, I am asking you to ask these questions with honesty because ‘You cannot lie with yourself; You cannot make fool yourself. if you ask with honesty definitely your subconscious mind has enough to provide these question’ answer.

Still if you are not getting what I should do, then go to ‘The Consultant’ or ‘Career Counselor’, he/she provides you a path and shape in your life as you are, and help you out to find your real potential.

As you all know, mind is the most powerful weapon/thing in the world. Through Science, You can easily understand it in a better way and you would feel pleasure in it. To understand your mind/Unique real potential you can go through ‘The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test’ (DMIT), take help from psychologist, attend ‘Active Parenting Seminar’, conducted by psychologist and learn right action & positive parenting and enhance yourselves.

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Note:- DMIT is a unified scientific Study of Brain Lobes, 9 Multiple Intelligence and Human Psychology. with the help of fingerprints, Worked out by the Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant, Career Coach. Fingerprints are closely associated with the infant’s mind development. And according to it, you can shape your life easily with the help of ‘Consultant‘.

If you are in 10th standard or above the age of 25 or 45 (Age doesn’t metter) it helps you in many ways (In School, College, Married Life, Profession, Parenting your Child etc.) because you understand yourself and now you can take right action and right decision in your life and will live happy and peaceful life.

For More Information please feel free to contact Us.

Thank You So Much to give your precious time.

Warm Regards

Himanshu Agrawal


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